If you are searching for a talented artist who will work with you on your tattoo design, then you’ve come to the right place.
Ready to discuss your tattoo idea with one of our artists? Come by the studio in person or start here by filling out this form. We will usually respond within 24-48 hours. If you have not heard back from us within that time period, please give us a call.



The artists at Ink & Dagger cover a wide range of tattoo styles. We invite you to browse the artist portfolios available on this website and select the tattooer that best suits your idea and personal aesthetic. As you look through the tattoo galleries, pay special attention to the types of subject matter presented and the style of the work.

It’s important to choose an artist who often tattoos the types of designs that you’re looking for.

If you’re not seeing anything like what you had in mind, that could mean that we don’t have an artist that will match well with your tattoo idea. It may be possible for our front desk personnel to refer you to an upcoming guest artist or a local artist that works in the style you’re requesting.

If you need help deciding or would like a personal referral, you are welcome to call or stop by the shop anytime and speak to us personally.

Keep in mind that many of our artists are booked several weeks to several months in advance. In some cases, your chosen artist may not even be accepting new clients until a later date.

Please call the shop at 770-518-4073 to inquire about artist availability and typical wait times.


We are really excited that you’ve chosen to get tattooed at Ink & Dagger. We want nothing more than to help you collect the perfect tattoo (or entire body suit).

In order to gather all of the information we need to properly handle your inquiry, we’ve created customized contact forms for each of the artists. Please allow several minutes to fill out the form for your chosen artist. We will do our best to get a response to you very soon.

(OPTIONAL) Before you begin, please have a friend take a few photos of the body part(s) you wish to have tattooed. You may prefer to use your smart phone (or tablet) to take the photos and then return to this page on your phone or tablet to proceed filling out the form. This will make the process of uploading images a bit less cumbersome.  At the end of the form, we allow you to upload the body part photos as well as any reference images you may have collected. We are visual people, so the more you can do to collect inspirational reference images prior to contacting us, the easier this process will go. 


The next step really depends on whether you’ve chosen an artist with appointment availability or not.

If your chosen artist IS actively accepting new clients, then we will proceed with scheduling as soon as your contact form is submitted and approved. In most cases, a FREE consultation appointment will be scheduled for you to meet your chosen artist in person. The two of you can discuss your ideas, and they may make design suggestions as well. If you can agree on design, placement, budget, and any other concerns you may have, a deposit will be collected and your initial tattoo appointment will be set at that time.

If we’ve told you that your chosen artist IS NOT taking new clients at the moment, then you will have to decide if you are willing to wait until that artist becomes available. We will likely direct you to sign up for our mailing list and choose the artist(s) you’re interested in. You should definitely do that anyway. In fact, please go sign up for our mailing list now, because you never know what surprises may land in your inbox. We do not SPAM you or share your email address with anyone, we hate that too.

We do maintain waiting lists for our tattooers who cannot book any more new clients. Getting added to a waiting list is generally done in person at the shop, or through email exchange with our front desk personnel. Matching your project up with the RIGHT artist is a huge priority for us, so please be aware that being put on a waiting list may require artist approval and in some cases, a phone consultation or in-person meeting.


Before proceeding, please read over all info on this page AND the FAQ page.  Seriously. All the answers you seek are mere seconds away.

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