Growing up on the island of Oahu, Tripps Kaha’i grew up rebellious, getting his first lesson in tattoo lettering from a local graffiti artist. Tripps then joined the Navy to get a little discipline. While enlisted, he attempted his first tattoo on a friend, and realized that this was his calling. After he attended a tattoo convention and realized the career potential within the art, the deal was sealed. When his time in the Navy came to an end, he returned to Hawaii to hone his skills.

Tattooing since 2010, Tripps is…..

experienced in a range of styles, including Lettering, Illustrative, and Realism. He is also sought for his Polynesian style designs, a nod to his Hawaiian upbringing. Weaving intricate and repetitive patterns over the forms of the human body, the Polynesian Tribal or “Poly” for short, is an ancient, sacred form. As the style has become more widely adopted, it has begun to evolve and embrace influence from outside cultures. The work that Tripps does in this genre is evident of this shift, often incorporating imagery or elements that would not be considered strictly “Polynesian”.

A constantly evolving and experimental artist, Tripps even does Watercolor Style tattoos which mimic the effects of watercolor paint on the skin. He’s well-versed in hand-drawn letters in a range of styles from delicate fine-line to aggressive and bold. Tripps does both large-scale and smaller pieces, starting with an in-depth consultation, considering all of the options, and ending with a calculated final result.

Check out this testimonial from one of Tripp's' awesome clients
***** 8/31/2015

I went here recently to get my very first tattoo. I had done a lot of research on places in and around Atlanta, and I knew the work I wanted would require very straight lines and a lot of patience. I found Tripps Kaha’i’s portfolio and knew he was the artist. I setup a consultation to talk to him, brought in a reference and he was so engaging and made the process so easy. Overall just a very, very genuinely nice guy. After that, I setup my appointment.

Day of, I was nervous. It’s my first tattoo and I didn’t know what to except, but Tripps was so patient. He explained everything to me in great detail and even filled up the three hours just talking and continuing to walk me through the process. His work is amazing! He is truly, truly talented, and he worked to make the piece special and knew what I wanted and did it. His line work is flawless and I get so many compliments on how clean and sharp it looks. He takes the time to make sure it’s right and it really showcases his talent.

In the future, I know who to go to and I’ll definitely go back. My best friend has since made an appointment with Tripps based on my experience while she was there. I definitely recommend him to anyone. I will be going back to him for my next tattoo in the future. Check out his Instagram and portfolio and you’ll see why! 🙂

The front desk and all of the employees are so welcoming and friendly. They put you at ease the moment you come through the door and everyone is friendly.

tattoo artist Tripps Kaha'i

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