Growing up in a conservative North Georgia town, Savannah Colleen spent her childhood creating art as a means of escape and self-expression, becoming increasingly drawn to tattoo culture as it became more visible in the media. As she matured and began to develop her own creative style, her work began to take on various elements of traditional and contemporary tattoo art. Despite pressure to follow a more traditional career path, she decided to graduate high school early in order to narrow her focus and seek an apprenticeship, eventually finding her home at Ink & Dagger.

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From illustrative to geometric, ornamental to floral—Savannah’s stylistic palette is constantly expanding. An affinity for symmetry and balance permeates her body of work, which is often shrouded in ancient motifs and allegorical mysticism. Her consultation process relies on open-mindedness and a shared vision, both on her part and the client’s. Savannah believes that communication and trust between client and tattooist is key, and what facilitates the perfect piece. She works best with clients who are interested in a long-term tattoo project, one that can develop and evolve organically while still retaining its original essence. Savannah’s ultimate goal is to tailor her design to fit her client’s body like a second skin, creating a harmonious bond between individual and design.

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