Robert Beeman

favorite styles

Black & Gray, Realism

Robert Beeman, in both his intellectual interests and his artistic passions, lives in a space of celebrating contrast and duality through the lens of the history of human creativity. The son of an old school punk rocker and raised around tattooing, his path may have seemed predetermined. Instead, he initially steered clear of learning to tattoo in order to pursue fine art, learning oil and acrylic painting from his grandmother and studying 3D modeling in art school. Along the way, he developed an appreciation for the ancient roots of tattooing and began to understand how he could apply a modern approach to one of the oldest forms of artistic expression.


Robert’s black and gray tattoos are a tangible expression of his appreciation of contrasts. Working with just black ink and water, he approaches tattoo projects to explore new and creative ways to work within the simplicity of the tools people used to tattoo 10,000 years ago. His favorite tattoo subjects reflect the human experience, ranging historical figures and futurist themes. He starts every project with a conversation, hoping to understand his client’s goal for the tattoo and working together to find the synergy between those goals and his tattoo process. Ultimately, just like the contrast between light and dark creates the opportunity for beautiful black and gray tattoos, the balance between his approach and his clients’ ideas creates a tattoo that is holistically greater than the sum of its parts.

A modern Renaissance man, Robert has what might be classified as an excessive number of hobbies and interests. He is a licensed paragliding pilot, loves traveling to immerse himself in history and culture, loves all things tech/nerd culture, builds computers and racing drones, plays video games, is a hobbyist woodworker, loves to read, is into 3D modeling and printing, hiking and being in nature, and loves food so much that he cooks every day so he can learn to cook recipes from around the world. As if all of that doesn’t keep him busy enough, he and his wife are excited to welcome their first baby soon.