Michel Parisay

favorite styles

Traditional, Neo-Traditional, and Illustrative

Bio coming soon!

When he graduated from college, he worked at a corporate job but loved tattooing so much that he decided to pursue it as a full time career. In 2008 he opened his own shop in Modesto, California. He continued to learn and grow as a tattooer and an artist, traveling extensively to guest spot and learn from a variety of accomplished tattoo artists. During that time, Izzy rarely turned down a tattoo idea in an effort to force himself to grow and become adept at tattooing in a wide range of styles.  

Izzy loves doing what he calls “Illustrative Traditional” tattoos, blending American Traditional subjects with the shading and colors/textures of illustrative tattoos. He also enjoys doing black & gray realism tattoos and geometric blackwork tattoos. Continually pushing himself as an artist, he also likes to paint watercolor tattoo flash and geometric-style spray paint murals.

Outside of tattooing, Izzy spends his time with his family and pursuing outdoor hobbies like hiking, kayaking, running marathons, and archery.