Megan Carroll grew up academically gifted in a small town in Alabama, pursuing the college degree expected of her before quickly realizing that you can’t sketch and draw through every chemistry class and expect to pass. With the encouragement of friends and family, she decided to pursue tattooing with the same commitment, enthusiasm, and love of learning that she had previously applied to her academics. 

Despite a tough start, she successfully earned an apprenticeship, then residency, at a studio, working with great mentors and learning absolutely everything she could. It was that desire to grow her professional skills and tattoo craftsmanship that led her attend an Explorer Tattoo Conference and pursue getting tattooed by Russ Abbott. Seeing the potential for growth she had, and her passion for tattooing, Russ offered her a temporary residency at Ink & Dagger Tattoo, then after that 3 month tenure, a permanent residency at the studio.

Megan’s favorite tattoo imagery includes botanical and insect illustrations, mandalas and fine line tattoos, and American Traditional themes. She loves to include as much contrast and detail in each tattoo as she can, crafting beautiful tattoos for her clients that stand the test of time.

When she is not tattooing, Megan can be found painting, drawing, spending time with her husband and animals, cooking, and crafting.

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