Killian Moon

favorite styles

Illustrative, Black & Gray, Lettering, Bio-Mech, Realism

Much like his personality, Killian Moon’s path to Ink & Dagger Tattoo is colorful, to say the least. Originally from Honduras, Killian spent afternoons after school in the local tattoo shop, cleaning the floors and answering phones. After learning how to tattoo, Killian began traveling extensively to learn from as many professional tattooers as possible. He traveled through much of the U.S. and Europe, worked for several years in Costa Rica, and continuously sought to absorb as much about the artistry and craft of tattooing as possible.

While getting tattooed by Russ Abbott during a convention in California, Killian expressed to Russ his lifelong dream of working in the US and Russ encouraged him to consider working at Ink & Dagger Tattoo in the future. From there, Killian began the multi-year process to earn a US Visa and move to Georgia to begin his tenure as a permanent resident of the Ink & Dagger Tattoo team.

Killian’s goal for each tattoo is to start from a collection of inspiring photos and create an innovative design. He loves to discover new reference photos that have not already influenced others’ tattoos in order to accomplish work that is uniquely his own.

Killian enjoys working in a wide variety of styles, particularly those inspired by organic and natural forms, leaning heavily on the use of bold color and texture in his designs. Some of his favorite subjects for his tattoos are mythology and creatures, pin-ups, aliens, nature scenes, flowers, and all things psychedelic. He works best when clients want to work collaboratively with him, using photography and other types of art to realize their vision. In his words, Killian’s most interesting clients are usually, “Nerds, hikers, weirdos, trash people, wizards, and cult leaders.”

When he is not at Ink & Dagger, Killian enjoys traveling, photography, baking, getting into trouble, and hanging out with his cats.