David Irizarry

favorite styles

Illustrative, Black & Gray, Neo-Traditional, Realism

David “Izzy” Irizarry, a California native, began his tattoo career in high school, using a permanent marker to draw tattoos on the swim team before their meets. He had always loved to draw, creating comics from an early age, but never thought art could be a full time career. After his time in the Marine Corps, Izzy spent years going to college during the day and learning to tattoo at night.

When he graduated from college, he worked at a corporate job but loved tattooing so much that he decided to pursue it as a full time career. In 2008 he opened his own shop in Modesto, California. He continued to learn and grow as a tattooer and an artist, traveling extensively to guest spot and learn from a variety of accomplished tattoo artists. During that time, Izzy rarely turned down a tattoo idea in an effort to force himself to grow and become adept at tattooing in a wide range of styles.  

Izzy loves doing what he calls “Illustrative Traditional” tattoos, blending American Traditional subjects with the shading and colors/textures of illustrative tattoos. He also enjoys doing black & gray realism tattoos and geometric blackwork tattoos. Continually pushing himself as an artist, he also likes to paint watercolor tattoo flash and geometric-style spray paint murals.

Outside of tattooing, Izzy spends his time with his family and pursuing outdoor hobbies like hiking, kayaking, running marathons, and archery.