favorite styles

Illustrative, Neo-Traditional, Geometric

Cory Cartwright is a Georgia native and lifelong artist. Some kids are fascinated by math or reading. For Cory, it was art. Throughout his childhood he pursued creative outlets, finding a passion for photography in high school. He got his first tattoo at 18 and, despite working on a degree in photography, fell in love with tattooing at that moment. From then on, he knew it was the artistic craft he would pursue professionally.
Following Cory’s apprenticeship, he traveled around the US to conventions and to get tattooed by artists he admired, including Russ Abbott. Inspired…

…by his mentors, peers, and the caliber of work done by the accomplished tattooers he met during his early career, Cory was motivated to dedicate increasingly more focus to his artwork and tattooing. That motivation, along with a serendipitous phone call from Russ, led him to joining the Ink & Dagger Tattoo family, first as a temporary resident and then as a permanent resident artist.
Cory loves to make illustrative tattoos using bold linework and saturated colors. He is most inspired when clients have an idea for the subject of their tattoo and are excited to see what he can do with the trust to create something unique and interesting. Cory enjoys tattooing all subjects from medium to large scale, showing his creativity on unconventional themes and the application on more traditional ideas.
Outside of the studio, he is, in his own words, “a tech nerd that likes to travel and eat good food and play video games.” He also likes to disconnect from technology, reading, hiking, and taking photos.