Ink & Dagger is proud to welcome Chris Phipps. Born and raised in California, Chris specializes in blackwork and dotwork pieces that include floral, geometric, and mandala elements.

Chris started drawing at a young age and always knew he would pursue a profession in the arts. As a teenager, Chris tattooed small designs on his hand and, rather than viewing those tattoos as the “jobstoppers” friends and family feared they would be, Chris used them as a reminder of his passion for the craft.

During his apprenticeship, Chris dabbled in different styles including black & gray realism, traditional, and neo-traditional, but found himself continuously pulled to dotwork and blackwork, finding his niche in these detailed, exacting styles. His patience for the precision required in stippling and linework techniques allows him to create carefully crafted tattoos for his clients.


After visiting Ink & Dagger Tattoo as a guest artist, Chris knew he had found an environment of learning and growth, and sought to surround himself with talented, inspiring colleagues. Open-minded clients who put their trust in Chris always leave with intricate, well-executed tattoos that flow well with the body and that they will love forever.

As both a long time musician and motorcycle enthusiast, when he is not tattooing, Chris can usually be found writing and playing music of all genres or riding a Harley Davidson.

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