Brittany McCarty

favorite styles

Blackwork, Illustrative, Black & Gray

Brittany McCarty, a Pennsylvania native, grew up surrounded by artistic influences and worked in a tattoo shop starting at an early age. After graduating from high school, despite her love of tattooing and on the advice of well-meaning family members, Brittany pursued a college degree in business marketing. During that time, after getting a glimpse of what a 9-to-5 office life would look like, she knew she wanted to pursue tattooing professionally. For her final coursework, Brittany convinced her professors to allow her to complete her required business internship at a tattoo studio, which she then parlayed into her tattoo apprenticeship.

Brittany began tattooing in 2012, and has worked at both walk-in shops and private studios. Her variety of work environments, colleagues, and artistic influences allowed her to clarify exactly the kind of tattoo home she wanted to settle in long-term. Being raised in a small town inspired her to seek opportunities to push herself professionally and artistically. After numerous visits to Ink & Dagger Tattoo as a guest artist, Brittany knew she had found an ideal community of passionate colleagues in an inspiring environment.

Brittany enjoys doing black and gray tattoos with mehndi and mandala designs, botanical themes, fine-line work, geometric shapes/patterns, and nature-inspired subjects. Her ideal clients come to her with inspiration and general concepts, appreciating her artistic point of view and allowing her to create incredible tattoos customized for each person.

When she is not tattooing, Brittany can usually be found spending time outdoors, exploring botanical gardens and great restaurants, and hanging out with her cat, Lilian.