America Lee

favorite styles

Illustrative, Lettering, Neo-Traditional, Traditional

America Lee’s name should be synonymous with “passion and persistence.” After completing her degree in illustration at SCAD, America knew she wanted to apply her artistic skill and deep respect for the craft of tattooing to a career in the industry. That respect, and the desire to approach an apprenticeship properly, led to traveling around the country, attending tattoo conventions and getting tattooed by artists she admired. 3 years of travel and collecting tattoos later, she approached Ink & Dagger’s owner, Russ Abbott, about how committed she was to finding a professional place in the community she already held in such high regard.

For months, America sent Russ original artwork and letters requesting an apprenticeship. That persistence earned her the opportunity to stay and create art at Ink & Dagger Tattoo. A year and 9 months later, after design project after design project, and endless hours spent in the studio proving her dedication, Russ agreed to teach her to tattoo.

America approaches each tattoo project with the awareness of its impact on her client, collaborating with them to give purpose to her passion for the craft. She enjoys tattoo projects that hold significant meaning to the wearer and empowers them to feel confident and keep a positive mental attitude. She loves to learn as much as she can about her client’s ideas, condensing those abstract concepts to a simple striking image. Her favorite style of tattooing is color illustrative, leaning heavily toward traditional. She is primarily focused on smaller tattoos that allow her to illustrate a story or emotion for her clients. She also loves working with clients that want small lettering, symbolic, or minimalist tattoos, approaching even the smallest tattoos with care and passion.

Outside of the studio, she collects well-loved ephemera, studying linguistics, poetry, and rhetoric, spending time in nature, and long boarding.