Amber Grey

favorite styles

Illustrative, Blackwork, Neo-traditional, Traditional

What started with a drawing of a palm tree in kindergarten that her mom hung on the refrigerator turned into a lifelong passion for art for Amber Grey. An Atlanta-area native, Amber’s artistic passion turned to a pursuit of a tattoo career before she even finished high school. Her early exposure to tattoos via her family, musicians she admired, and pop culture inspired her to learn as much as she could about the craftsmanship of tattooing.Β 

Throughout her apprenticeship and the years following, she followed the careers of highly skilled tattooers, hoping to one day work in an environment that fostered tattooing at the highest levels. After years of driving past Ink & Dagger Tattoo and thinking to herself how much she would love to work at the studio, Amber pushed past her nerves and her comfort zone to take the next step in her career by joining the team.

Amber loves to tattoo a variety of different styles and subjects, and values versatility in her tattooing. She loves doing black and gray tattoos as much as color, either in traditional, neo-traditional, or illustrative styles. She prefers tattoos that include botanical or floral elements, dotwork, or natural elements, but loves working with her clients to give them anything from minimalist to bright, bold tattoos.

When she’s not tattooing, she spends her time with her family and riding motorcycles with her husband.