Alysha H

favorite styles

Black & Gray, Realism, Blackwork, Illustrative

After years of the freedom and forced self-reliance that traveling supplies in equal measure, Alysha H. joined the Ink & Dagger Tattoo family, first as a temporary resident and then as a permanent resident artist. Growing up in a small town, Alysha’s first exposure to tattoos came via alt music and early social media. Her passion for tattooing and determination to become a professional artist led her to starting her apprenticeship on her 18th birthday. She quickly realized that, at the time, tattooing was still a very male-dominated community and the volume of voices telling her how to exist in that space pushed her to explore and expand what she could accomplish. She spent years traveling the U.S., working all over the country with accomplished tattooers, so she could learn and have the freedom to establish her own style and ethos of tattooing. Coming full circle to work at the shop she idolized beginning in the early years of her tattoo career, Alysha’s love of the Atlanta area and the Ink & Dagger Tattoo extended family motivated her to pursue a residency at the studio.

Alysha’s loves creating tattoos that emphasize a feminine aesthetic. Florals, animals, statues, bugs, and other subjects that are pretty or delicate, particularly those that can be finished in one session, are among her favorite designs to tattoo. She loves to work with clients interested in fine line, black and gray, or realism styles, making tattoos accessible to clients looking for a range of aesthetics, from soft and ethereal to bold and brash.

When she’s not tattooing, Alysha loves exploring the food and party scene in Atlanta, from fast food to fine dining, shopping, and sleeping more than any human reasonably should.